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Welcome to Latgale – a place that welcomes you with warmth and offers excellent investment opportunities. Latgale is a bridge between West and East. The region is especially exciting for investors seeking business opportunities at the very edge of European Union near Russia and Belarus.

The current transport infrastructure, buildings suited for manufacturing and qualified workforce makes Latgale an attractive place for various investments especially in manufacturing.

Predictable legal framework, special economic zone, grants from European Union as well as residency permits for non-EU nationals are but a fraction of available and effective financial instruments for investors in Latgale.

After a fine days’ work you can get a well-deserved rest. The region provides a wide range of quality leisure due to diverse natural resources and food. On the other hand, you can enjoy a wide array of culture for your soul.

Latgale has already attracted a wide range of investors from European Union, Russia as well as other Eastern countries. This website provides a glimpse into the investment environment of our region and offers some investment opportunities at the end.

There is still has a vast untapped potential in the region. Do not miss out and succeed in Latgale!


Best regards,

Iveta Malina-Tabune

Head of Latgale Planning Region Administration




Nov 14
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